Kawaii Kon 2016 has ended

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Jonathan Caspillo

Friday, April 8

2:15pm HST

Sandy Fox and Lex Lang - The Dynamic Duo of Anime, Animation and Video Games Room 315: Hawaii Convention CenterSandy Fox • Lex Lang

2:45pm HST

3:45pm HST

4:00pm HST

4:30pm HST

4:45pm HST

5:15pm HST

5:45pm HST

6:15pm HST

7:00pm HST

8:30pm HST

Saturday, April 9

9:00am HST

10:00am HST

11:15am HST

12:00pm HST

12:30pm HST

12:45pm HST

1:30pm HST

5:00pm HST

6:45pm HST

9:30pm HST

Sunday, April 10

11:15am HST