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T/SGT. Max H. Ogasawara

US. Air Force Security Forces (SF)
Polygraph Analyst II/Crime Suppression Unit (CSU)
Hickam AFB
Basics DATING! I'm Single Ready to Mingle Ladies!
Name: T/SGT. Max Hiroichi Ogasawara (US. Air Force Security Forces: Polygraph Analyst II/Crime Suppression Team)
Birthdate: June 3 1996 9:30 pm (Kapiolani Medical Center For Women & Children) Age:19-20 OB/GYN on Duty: Dr. Donna K.Yamada
WT: 200 (I'm Losing Weight Though,Yay!)
HT: 5"8-5"9
Hair: Short to Medium Styled Dark-Brown (Often in Military-Style). Damn! I Could Really Use a Haircut, Right Now!
Eye: Brown
Astrological Sign (Anglo-Gregorian and Chinese): Gemini and Fire-Rat
Blood Type: A-Pos
Religion: Christian (Lapsed Buddhist) I Went to Hongwanji Pre-School. That's Why I Know Some of U Guys.
Ethnicity: Japanese-American
Smoker: Non-Smoker (If U Smoke It's Alright)
Drinker: Non-Drinker
Animals: I Love Animals! I've Got a Grey Cat Named Smokey and a Chihuahua-mix Named Sally.
Political Views: Liberal-Republican GOP/University of Hawaii (UH) American Nazi Party (Former/Retired (Due To (Autism/ASD)Disability/Disabled-Retiree Entitled To Pay) Waffen SS Civil-Affairs Lieutenant-Colonel Florian Geyer 8th Calvary Division)
Military-Service: Does US. Air Force JROTC/ROTC Count as Service?
Hometown: Hawaii Kai 96825 "East-Side" Born and Raised
Type of Girl: WWII-Style Pin-Up Girls, Cosplayer-Girls, or Those With Navel/Belly Button Piercings Any Girl Who LOVES Anime and WWII Re-anactments (Axis Forces Mostly Waffen SS and Imperial Japanese Army/Navy (IJA/IJN) Didn't I Mention It Earlier?)
Area of Study/Major: Law Enforcement/Administration of Criminal-Justice. (Aiming to Become a Corrections Officer)
Favorite Sports Team (NCAA): Texas A&M University! I SO Want To Be in the Corps of Cadets' Ross Volunteers' Company SO Badly! Ole Miss is a must in Football, I LOVE US. Military Academy (West-Point) in Football, My late maternal-grandfather was a retired-US. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4), and of course East Carolina Pirates, or Any College Marching Band with a Military-Precise Demeanor to it!
Tattoos: Sailor Moon Tattoo of Sailor Venus/Minako Aino in a Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets Class-B Service Uniform Done By Ryoma Roy Uno of Red Diamond Tattoo in Aiea!
Favorite Foods: Chinese and Filipino Food!
Favorite-Actress: Ingrid Bergman and Katherine Hepburn! I often portray them as yuri/shoujo-ai on DeviantArt, Look For Me Showa96!
Dream School: Texas A&M University or US. Military Academy (West Point) or Somewhere With an Excellent ROTC Program!
Fun Facts: I've Been to Japan 3 Times! I'm Hoping To Go Osaka if I Save LOTS of Money!