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We love creative, strategic, immersive games.  Our goal is to provide more of those kinds of games to you.  Board gaming is something that has helped us spend more time with people we care about, learn more about ourselves, and have more fun.  It’s important to us, and we want more people to experience it.

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About Ryan Laukat

Ryan Laukat is the founder and president of Red Raven Games.  He is the designer and illustrator of Empires of the Void, City of Iron, Eight-Minute Empire, and Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, The Ancient World, and more.

When Ryan was thirteen, he decided to design a card game so that he could illustrate the cards.  Since then, he’s designed and illustrated over fifty game prototypes.  In 2008, he started illustrating as a self-taught, freelance artist.  He has illustrated many Dominion cards, one of which is the Adventurer card.  Other game illustration credits include: Bridge Troll, Trollhalla, Chocolatl, and Rails of New England.  Ryan is a member of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah.

Ryan lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife and children.  He plays trumpet when he has time.  He is head of hand-engraving at Cannonball Musical Instruments, where he engraves designs on saxophones using non-electronic tools.